Phoren Return

I love my city. Nagpur, am talking about. Not Pune. With Pune I am just a bit possessive because this happens to be my Karma Bhoomi.

Nagpur is like that water tank where I can jump into and be very very sure that I would reach the bottom after 13 steps and I won't drown, despite not knowing swimming.

This is a bad bad example to begin with, but I can't help but sound mad.
There's this friend of mine who returns from The Great Britain and says "Nagpur is really hot, My Gawd!! ".

I felt like giving him nice raptas and taking him to Saoji, immersing his head into the spiciest curry ever, then taking him to the Telankhadi lake, give him a taste of the cool breeze, but leave the curry on his face to dry with the chilli burning on his face, making him realise what he missed for 1 long year, then take him to the samosawala, show him the samosa, make him smell it and not feed him, take him to the civil lines, and show this masterpiece to every single nagpurian walking on the streets, then shout out loud...
"Isko Nagpur ki Garmi 1 saal me buri lagne lagi"..

And then after that, am sure there'd be people who would beg, borrow, steal this friend of mine and give him all that he hadn't seen, smelt or tasted in last 1 year in his Great Britain.

Dare he talk about the summers of Nagpur.. !!!
It's not that we love it so much that we'd spend afternoons under the sun. But if you have tasted your own sweat in the scorching heat of Nagpur, you wouldn't make a statement like that..

Yes, this post is almost a warning for all the Phoren settled (temporarily) Nagpurians..
Come back home..but do not complain. Else stay put where ever you are!!


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