Pig Fear

The main problem that a man faces is insecurity. Either he is afraid of losing his loved ones, or afraid of losing his job, or insecure about his funds in stock market or simply insecure that he might catch swine flu if he travels :D.
I was supposed to have some relatives from USA next month. But sadly, they cancelled their plans, obviously because of swine flu.
There's a little Chap in my apartment who asked me the other day, "Where did swine Flu come from?"
And i assumed and said that it was probably from countries where Pork was used as a major form of meat. United States of America is one of the Countries where Pork i.e. the Pig meat is widely used.
Globalisation, privatisation started in the west, then came to India and stayed here. The trend of following valentine's day, friendship's day started in the west, came to India and stayed here. The Swine flu which started there, came to India is probably going to stay here for sometime. Why are we able to breed such negative things for so long? The positives, obviously are supposed to survive.
The insecurity factor leads you devoid of so many things which you may regret later on.
Nonetheless, these are small things which makes us what we are - Human Beings...

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