Osama WAS Hilarious

Finally "was" succeeds the name Osama and I get a strange feeling about it. The feeling is entirely poisitive. That of peace and happiness.

Now Osama was really hilarious. If we think Woody Allen or Russell Peters or Sunil Pal, or Raju Shrivastava, are funny, Osama surpassed these gentlemen too.

How if you may ask. It was reported that Late.Mr.Osama Bin Laden has asked his children "NOT TO JOIN THE TERRORIST CAMPS".
Why not? if we may wonder. Either he was way too protective of his children, or he wanted them to do something else, have a career in social service, become a doctor, or an engineer, like every father wants his children to become.

He was one funny asshole. This joker also asked his wives not to remarry. He had 4 and the poor ladies had to live with just one, and that one is dead too, and they won't have any more.

He, sure, was something.

But whatever, I am glad he died. :D

2 hits on the puns:

Rohit October 30, 2011 at 9:00 AM  

Dear Yam,
Your view of "Peace and Happiness" is as ironic and paradoxical as "US of A"... Means of Violence can never bring Peace and Happiness... what it does is just to sow more seeds of anger, hatred and revenge and I know that you know better than this... who knows some planning must be on which can break a havoc on the world just to avenge the death of "Osama".

And either ways that dude is dead... and we should not make fun of the dead... so chillax...

And now I am DEAD... :P

Payoffers dotin November 3, 2014 at 2:09 AM  


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