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Do any of these quotes soothe the wrath within you? Are you really going to sleep peacefully after knowing that the next terrorist attack could be in your city. Ae we vulnerable?? or are we brave? or are we in need of support...

"Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia"

some funny ones..
"I don’t worry about terrorism. I was married for two years.”

"The most powerful military in the world cannot invade, kill or capture a network or destroy every loose weapon on the planet. The best response to this network of terror is to build a network of our own -- a network of like-minded countries and organizations that pools resources, information, ideas, and power. Taking on the radical fundamentalists alone isn’t necessary, it isn’t smart, and it won’t succeed."

There has been a lot of reactions on the attacks... it is no use only putting across opinions and perceptions.
It's time to act.... .


They say,You can have control over everything in this whole wide world, but u can never control a person's Free Will. What if someone gets the power to control a person's Free will? How would it seem if two people fall in love succumbing to the someone's else pressure?
A simple piece of rhyme for a very complex situation. :)

Dekh dekh, samajh samajh

kya hai ye sab sahaj sahaj

boojhe jo man ki uljhan ko

jaaye goonthi sulajh sulajh

man ke khel khilau main

jo chahe karvau main

chalo kahu to chale duniya

katputli banakar nachau main

bandh kar de apni ye vyarth khoj

bhool ja ye sab sanjog jog

chal nayee duniya main dikhaunga

ab na kar tu koi pratishodh

Dekh ladki, samajh samajh

baat ye hai bilkul sahaj sahaj

dhoondh rahi hai kisko tu

aankhon me kiski aas hai

dekh, pehchaan, yahi hai wo

jiski tujhko talaash hai

parakh le tu is naujawan ko

ye pyaar me majnu kehlata hai

jaan de de apni laila ke liye,

aise daav ye lagata hai

bhaagti hai kin sapno ke peechhe

ye haath thaam le tu ankhiyaan meeche

ye prem ka saagar hai apaar

ye dor hai tujhko kheche kheeche

baat meri samajh samajh

tu soch me yu na ulajh ulajh....

Dekho wahan utha hai dhhuan

Lagta hai dilon ka mel hai

Isne uske dil ko chhua

Yahi to mera khel hai

Pyaar ko jaano pyaar ko samajho

samjho kya hota hai manmeet

pyaar me doobo, yahi hai waqt

tumse hi hai meri haar-jeet

dekh dekh, samajh samajh

kuch bhi nahi hai sahaj sahaj

sambhaal kar rakhte hai log apne dil

aur main kehta hu ulajh ulajh

kathakaar kehlau main

katputliyon ko nachau main

socha jo tha, wahi hua

ab kounsi dor hilau main??

ab kounsi dor hilau main...

dekh dekh samajh samajh

dor gayi hai ulajh ulajh

dekh dekh aur samajh samajh...

--Writing Credits(Copyright(C)) -Yamini and Jincy

Ya, it ain't funny!!

I owned a shop in the centre of the city and I liked it so much. The entire population of Kamazha loved my shop. Kamazha was the financial capital of Tramasia, I thought my proficiency and fluency in English, Tramasi, Gefrew and Marark would gain me more popularity. They did! The hoarding on my shop building said “Ghalib’s klothe”. It meant “Ghalib’s Cloth Store”.The maximum population spoke Tramasi in Kamazha –that was our national language.
I was the best trader in town. I had my shops spinning dollars for me. I was getting rich. As I saw fortune favouring me, I thought of giving myself some peace and visiting my hometown. How much I missed Mararkaz. My mother-tongue Marark. And my mother –Isabelle. I wanted to go home and see her face once. Tell her of my well being. That was the place where I belonged to.

But the violence back home was reaching its peak. The mango growers were being put to death because our mangoes would ripe before our neighbors’. The neighboring country wanted the land on which the mangoes matured before anywhere else. This would mean more trade and more money. In northern Tramasia, the mangoes were indeed a craze. The mango farms were beautiful. They were said to be heaven on earth. The shades of yellow signified the bright sun. The green leaves complimented the beauty of Mother Nature.

In Kamazha there was no peace either. I wasn’t a Gefrew, though I spoke the language well.(Gefrew was the local language of Kamazha) I was asked to change the name of my shop to “Hail Gefrew klothe Shop”. The local volunteers wanted to ban the national language and use the local language. My customers would have suffered because I had people from all places, from all castes coming and buying clothes. The activists came to our shops and hit our salesmen. They wanted everything, every deal to be done in Gefrew. The numbers had to be in Gefrew, the lines drawn on our accounts book had to be in the local language. We were asked to drink water in Gefrew, walk in Gefrew, talk in Gefrew (ofocurse!!!) and live as if Gefrew would rule the world. The entire nation of Tramasia was being segregated into parts. On one end there were mango fields being seized, on the other end people were asked to leave their hometowns giving way to naxalites and here we were suffering because we chose to speak Tramasi or Marark over Gefrew.

The jingoism had reached it’s peak, when I thought it would be fair to kill the forbearers of such dastardly acts.
Today I read in the Gefrew Times that someone killed the local leader in the local language –Gefrew…

I sit in my shop staring beyond what seems visible.

My Gramphone plays the song :
Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me
Let there be peace on Earth, the peace that was meant to be
With God as our father,
Brothers all are we,
Let me walk with my brother,
In perfect Harmony…
Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me….

Voila.. !!


There is more to what i see
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I'd love to share it with you!!

There are views, there are previews, and then there are reviews.....
Phew!! Through this blog, i attempt to put forward my takes on certain issues. It isn't just about life, it isn't about inspiration. It is about life and inspiration in a bigger way... There is so much to our mere existence.

There wouldn't be exaggerations, nor euphemisms. The figures of speech that i chose for this blog are Pun and oxymoron ... all the way!!!

There will be infinite proxy posts.... so be game for anything that is worth a read, thought and opinion!!

Thought to think and a thing to do:
How to make God laugh: Tell him your future plans!!!
- Woody Allen (Hail!! Woody Allen!!! )

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