Book Review : I, Romantic

I usually do not impose my opinion on a book. But this one for sure deserved an attention. I finished this book in 7 days, undesiringly so, because I had to work in between, work out and eat and sleep too. But had I been totally unoccupied, I would have finished this book in one sitting.

This book is one gripping piece of fiction. Written by Rajeev Jhaveri, I,Romantic is a story narrated with all heart and sincerity depicting a picture of life in the army and the labyrinth of human emotions.

It strikes a chord as you turn the pages living the wrathful war the armymen fight against Pakistan, leaving many soldiers injured and dead to the internal tiffs within the army people.

The inaccessibity to all the pleasures of the world, that leads to the army professionals to get into poor means of satisfying their sexual urge. It talks about the dirty things which lies hidden and is seldom exposed to the civilians. Everything exists there, but one common thing which binds the armymen together is the spirit of protecting the motherland from the infiltrators.

The author has very beautifully mentioned the urge of human beings, and how one follows the natural instincts to satisfy it, be it love, sex, food, or survival.

The beauty of the book is the process of self discovery which the reader undergoes along with the protagonist, Avinash Rai. At every stage in the novel one can empathize with certain situations.
The beauty of women is unsubtley, but unoffendingly expressed that it adds one level extra to the word romance.

The transformation of the protagonist, from an army man to a man in love to a person looking for a purpose in life is beautifully portrayed.

This book is a must read for people who are die hard romantics and are in a process of self- exploration.
I strongly recommend this book to people who like some drama and are fiction lovers..

Rating: 3 /5

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Dr Sonia S V June 19, 2012 at 1:05 AM  

You are right some books need to be finished in one go but life intervenes!!

Thank You for the sweet comment on my blog

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