Bloody Racism

What if I hit you hard because you are darker than me? What if I abuse you because you are more intelligent than me? The rhapsody that engulfs my arena, after making you realise that you are a lesser creed and a threat to my existence, makes me feel so good. You don’t deserve to be here because you have an edge over many things. You don’t deserve to enjoy any rights for self development and that of the society. You cannot intrude and take my job from me. I know I can’t do it as good as you do it…. But it’s my job after all. I am less talented than you are, that is why I want you out of my domain. You are progressing and helping others progress too, that’s the reason why I can’t stand you. You are a developing economy and I ask you to go back to your nation and think about your welfare, not ours. I am a racist and rightly so, I can’t tolerate the fact that you are doing better than me.
Paint your self white and then come to my country… until then stay in your limits and go back…

This was an insight into the mind of a racist who believes not in humanity, who is scared because he doubts his abilities, who is afraid of domination- which is inevitable.

The country culture differs…. And I am proud to say that ours is the best, where guests are treated like God.
I feel sorry for the people who have belittled the honour of the countries they belong to by mistreating the Indians.
I feel very sorry….

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