Of farewells and goodbyes.

I make sure that I attend every farewell function and say a good bye to my closed ones if they are leaving. I also make sure that I see them off at the railway station, airport or the bus stand.
There have many instances where even I have received beautiful farewells and people have made me feel great when they came to see me off.

I have a strange philosophy, which may sound pessimistic, but I totally live by it.
I think I should try and visit my friends and family when they are leaving one place for another. I may have not met them for the entire time of their stay in my city, but I make sure I see them off.

There are two strong reasons for it:
1 . I may never get to see them again. This doesn’t mean that either they or I would die, but there may be certain circumstances which may not allow us to meet again. It could be because of commitments, frequent traveling, ill health, work, and family whatever.
2. The emotional connect that is generated during the time of departure is the strongest. So that means a lot to me and I guess it matters to the other person too.

I remember when I was going to see off a very close friend of mine, she was going to a new city, for her first job, she kept insisting that no one should come to the station lest she would become emotional and that would make her weak.
But I maintained that the last meeting at the station would be something that she would cherish all her life. So I asked her not to resist any friend from coming and seeing her off at the station. She heeded and I am sure she knows how special Goodbyes can be.

I can still recollect the most wonderful goodbye I ever received. It was when I was leaving one home for the other. All the friends had come to see me off at the station and bizarre it may seem, most of them cried, but I didn’t. I understood one thing, that I was important for them, even if it measured an iota. It was crazy, yet surreal.

There may be some brains who’d be wondering that why didn’t I visit them at the station/airport while they left.

For all the souls seeking the truth, let me tell you, that you guys are an exception and the exception to the two strong reasons I stated above are:

1. I am sure I WILL be seeing you again. I know there’s no surety about that, metaphorically speaking. But here I choose to be a thorough optimist. If you don’t meet me, I’ll meet you.
2. The emotional connect that is generated during the time of departure may reach the acme and may hold you back from departing or leave you with a pain. It definitely means a lot to me, but it should not be an impediment for you.

So, goodbyes and farewell are memorable. They are wonderful. But the hope with which you look forward to meet again, enlightens your life all the more.

I live with many such hopes.

Phoebe Buffay and her Musings.

I love FRIENDS(have seen it over and over a thousand times now) to the core and I totally worship my idol Phoebe Buffay.

Now there may be people who’d appreciate the original actors for the roles they essayed. But I totally believe that Phoebe, Joey, Ross, Rachel, Monica and Chandler are real people. I wouldn’t want to be told about my stupidity… Puhleeez.

Yeah, Back to Phoebe.
The kind of poetries that Phoebe writes and ultimately sings are the best and most sensible ones I have ever heard. :)

The other day, while watching one of the episodes, this rhyme struck me the most. I was kinda minding my own business, but I appreciate this candid attempt and a dedication to all the people who mind their businesses outrageously and for which I have kinda worked sometime or the other.

It only takes two heart attacks
To finally make you see
One of them won't do it
But the second will set you free
Tell all your hate and anger
It's time to say good bye
And that is just what I will do
As soon as those bastards I work for die..

Lalalallalllalalalaaaaa……:) :)

Mwah!! Phoebs… :*

PS: There's an application on the right panel that reads the best of FRIENDS quotes... so..Yenjoy!! :D

What hurts more? Absence of Love or Lover?

Picture this.
There is child who has never stayed away from its mother. But after certain age, he is made to leave the city to pursue further education, as time may demand.
The child loves the mother infinitely. The mother’s love for a child is considerably more than the love of the child for its mother.

An army officer, who stays away from home, seldom visits his wife and children because of his posting at a distant land. He loves his wife. He misses his children. But situations do not permit him to be with his family all the time.

A daughter, who loves her parents dearly, leaves everything behind for a new set of parents (-in -law) and husband.

A couple, in love, immensely so, are separated by distances because of various reasons. They cannot see each other often, they cannot communicate regularly until they get married and they can neither convey their love for each other.

A group of friends – bonded by care, love and affection are separated owing to the different paths on which they are put but the manager called God.

There may be an absence of people in life. You may not have your loved ones around always. Their absence may make you miss them at times.

But what is there that seems missing? The person or the emotion?

Does Absence of love or that of the lover hurt more?

If Love is absent, then there is no meaning to the relationship. If the lover is absent, Love becomes stronger.

I feel , the emotion of love can never fade. The person’s absence may hurt , but the emotion of love can never. So the emotion needs to be stronger than the other person whom you are loving. That makes it easy to love without having expectations.

That’s why sometimes, beautiful quotes such as this make a lot of sense:
“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

For me, Love is a noun first, then a verb. :)

Peter Answers

Curiosity kills the cat, they say. Since morning everyone i know, around me, has been trying to know what's in store for them. The tarot reading provided by Peter is quite true and astonishingly so, it keeps many people wondering that how can it be so accurate.The excitement for me, did not last very long, because I found out how it worked.

For the lesser fortunate ones, who did not realise that this is some kinda trick, spent hours wondering about it's veracity and functioanlity. I still see them writing petitions to Peter. Poor people !!

How did Peter change lives?
- Shawn has been looking for a girl named Shreya because Peter answered that Shreya would be her next girlfriend's name. The guy, I am sure, is desperate and the search never-ending.

-Laila has resigned from her current job, because Peter answered that she will be thrown out of her current organisation.

-Nihal is planning to spy on his wife because Peter answered that his wife is dating someone else.

Ignorance, sometimes, isn't bliss.
Silly junta. I pity them. hhmph...

Please Suggest

Ok, now suppose, you have this very very close friend, a girl who has been with you since ages. You’ve lived the teenage part of your life together, sharing all secrets, discussing crushes, stalking smart guys, visiting exhibitions, talking about dreams and ambitions, shopping and eating till you collapse, watching the restricted stuff ;) , and exploring nuances of life together.

And then you have another close and dear friend, a boy, with whom you’ve again, explored golden days of college life – staying in different cities though. You’ve shared all good and bad times, discussed views about politics, racism, reservation, what girls like, what they don’t, what boys like, what they don’t, how would your ideal partner be, what would you do if you find ‘the one’. You've talked about the crushes you had, all the times when you thought we were in love ( not with each other), your first kiss (again not with each other :P), your first job, aspirations and everything under the sun.

Both of them are your close friends. And one fine day, you find out that this boy-friend of yours is dating that girl-friend of yours. He keeps asking you about how she is, what is she good at? Etc.

And on another finer day, you call your girl-friend up and talk to her expecting her to tell you about all the exciting things going on in her life. And she tells you NOTHING about it.

You again call her and you keep doing that for, say, 20 times, and still you get to know nothing about it from your girl-friend.

The game gets interesting. But you get equally impatient. You are happy for your girl-friend becaue you think she could have got no one better vice-versa for the guy.

But the silence or reluctance, whateva, is supposedly killing you.

What do you do?
Well, I did that.. and I am still doing it!
Stop talking to her?
No I can’t! She’s fun yaa!

Then what do I do????

Please suggest!!

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