In twos and threes

This poor blog was stranded since so long.  I wanted to make sure that this never happened, so I made multiple authors for this blog. Not one but two. But they failed to keep it up as well.

Now  I seriously forgot the purpose of creating this blog in first place. It was a fad then to have a blog. But like we always do.. or do not do... do not settle with one. We want one more, everytime.. I settled with two more.

I had three blogs rolling at a time. But sadly just one survived. This one got avoided big time.
You know what's the math like? It's like you want to go for a wedding reception, and you alone are commonly invited along with the entire office team. But you end up with your entire family. Why? Because you would save the efforts of cooking, would subtract one outing, because you'd already been on one (this reception), and your kids would be really ecstatic to relish the pani puri at the chaat stall and have ice cream totally free of cost, unlimitedly.

Also, we see at times, there's a sale. Do we go alone? Yeah, how we wish. But we take a whole lot of friends along. Not to keep company, for sure, or ya, at times for company too, but to buy stuff in common and help each other in bargaining.

Do we ever pick up a detergent which has no offer, like 20% extra, or a soap free with 250g of Tide. We always look for deals. We do not settle with one. For us things should come in twos and threes.

I got talking to one my friend, a mother of a 3 year old, about how her married life was going on and she complained about the pressure that her elders were putting for conceiving another kid.

"A child should have someone to play with." It's always in twos... Children, detergents, outings, blogs...  you name it and there is a math for it.

But since we always think about more, we got to give more too. Like more effort in maintaining 2 blogs (I say this to myself), more effort in bringing up 2 kids, more effort in using up all the free stuff that came along with the detergent.

So it's all about efforts.

I think, I somehow managed to get back to this blog, before it completed a year in isolation.
Dear Blog, since you were in twos, you will always be so... I'll take care..

More Views and Previews soon... :)

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Rohit October 30, 2011 at 9:06 AM  

what has happened to u!!!!!
this world has ruined u... u totally talk n think like a girl!!

All these years of damage control and my efforts to keep you sane gone down the drain... we need to have more sessions of discussions so that I can knock some sense into u... detergents n soaps and kids... wow thats too much for me...

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