Thanks, but no Thanks for your advice.

Once you are past the age of pursuing education, people expect you to do things which the entire clan of dumbheads is doing. You go to a social gathering and you are hit by questions like “What are you doing these days?”. You candidly answer, “I am training students and working as an HR manager.” Then you get counsels like, “Why don’t you apply for the civil services, the government facilities are so good.” “Why don’t you go for an MBA in HR, that will help you in adding value to your job..” “You should stick to technology; the market is bouncing back now.” “Why don’t you get married and then decide what job you want to take up.” The last but one question is something that seems inevitable after a certain age. Once you are in age bracket of 22-28, you realize that the society is more worried than you, or your parents. There is a lot of social pressure and you have to answer them by either letting go your aims or settling for a partner irrespective of your mental preparedness, or face the wrath of the people.
There are a very few people who would come up to and say, “You are doing a great job. Wish you all the luck and success.” I have been waiting to hear that. But there has been a negative trend and all have decided to follow that path. I wonder how they would feel if one day their children get to hear all this shit.
There are some people whom I know, who have given up everything just to experience struggle. To go through tough times in order to realize what is their real strength; whether it is technology, people skills, management, or teaching. But when there is a hiatus accompanied so much pressure and nitpicks, one really is scared to let go the success factor and pursue struggle.
I totally respect those who have let gone their last name “Success” which refused to leave the identity and have taken up what they always wanted to pursue. A little struggle convoyed with a lot of support makes the journey worth passing through.
Some people really pull my spirits down. I only wish they get an iota of what they have been giving us!

Looking within

What age is it when you grow up? They keep asking me... Why don't you grow up? You have all degrees and qualification but you lack the maturity. How will you train your kids to become good individuals if you lack maturity yourself? The alibis that i have been giving since ages have been ignored, always.
There was a nice movie where the actor adopts a kid to prove that he can responsible too. His girlfriend never beleives that they were good enough to get married because she always thought that her boyfriend did not know what resposibilities were. In the process to make his girlfriend realise that he isn't a blacksheep, he adopts a kid and later goes on to lose his girfriend which was obviously bound to happen. But in the process of realising his potential of being responsible and mature he realises that it is very necessary for the kids to learn certain things all by themselves. He also goes to the limit of letting the kid decide a name of his own and the kid names himself -Frankenstein.
But i have realised that i am under a lot of pressure and i keep getting directions at every moment in my life. Is it too much dependence on parents, my inability to make decisions, lack of freedom or am i simply bound by the values and morals of being obedient all the time. Well, i am not obedient all the time. My master says that disagreeing is different from disobeying or disrespecting. But when the youngsters, today, put forth their views, they are said to be the disobedient, useless, hopeless generation with no morals.
I beg to differ! There has to be some point of time when you have to let go the kid and let it grow all by himself. That is when you will see him grow in true terms. Some people prefer being children all their lives, carefree and full of enthusiasm. In the entire process of introspection you tend to lose your individuality. You can't make everyone happy, even if they are you elders back home. Because what you are cannot be changed but what and how you do things in certain situation can change with time.
The generation gap needs attention, otherwise this will go on and the expectations of our elders and the aspirations of the youngsters won't be ever aligned.

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