Phoebe Buffay and her Musings.

I love FRIENDS(have seen it over and over a thousand times now) to the core and I totally worship my idol Phoebe Buffay.

Now there may be people who’d appreciate the original actors for the roles they essayed. But I totally believe that Phoebe, Joey, Ross, Rachel, Monica and Chandler are real people. I wouldn’t want to be told about my stupidity… Puhleeez.

Yeah, Back to Phoebe.
The kind of poetries that Phoebe writes and ultimately sings are the best and most sensible ones I have ever heard. :)

The other day, while watching one of the episodes, this rhyme struck me the most. I was kinda minding my own business, but I appreciate this candid attempt and a dedication to all the people who mind their businesses outrageously and for which I have kinda worked sometime or the other.

It only takes two heart attacks
To finally make you see
One of them won't do it
But the second will set you free
Tell all your hate and anger
It's time to say good bye
And that is just what I will do
As soon as those bastards I work for die..

Lalalallalllalalalaaaaa……:) :)

Mwah!! Phoebs… :*

PS: There's an application on the right panel that reads the best of FRIENDS quotes... so..Yenjoy!! :D

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