What hurts more? Absence of Love or Lover?

Picture this.
There is child who has never stayed away from its mother. But after certain age, he is made to leave the city to pursue further education, as time may demand.
The child loves the mother infinitely. The mother’s love for a child is considerably more than the love of the child for its mother.

An army officer, who stays away from home, seldom visits his wife and children because of his posting at a distant land. He loves his wife. He misses his children. But situations do not permit him to be with his family all the time.

A daughter, who loves her parents dearly, leaves everything behind for a new set of parents (-in -law) and husband.

A couple, in love, immensely so, are separated by distances because of various reasons. They cannot see each other often, they cannot communicate regularly until they get married and they can neither convey their love for each other.

A group of friends – bonded by care, love and affection are separated owing to the different paths on which they are put but the manager called God.

There may be an absence of people in life. You may not have your loved ones around always. Their absence may make you miss them at times.

But what is there that seems missing? The person or the emotion?

Does Absence of love or that of the lover hurt more?

If Love is absent, then there is no meaning to the relationship. If the lover is absent, Love becomes stronger.

I feel , the emotion of love can never fade. The person’s absence may hurt , but the emotion of love can never. So the emotion needs to be stronger than the other person whom you are loving. That makes it easy to love without having expectations.

That’s why sometimes, beautiful quotes such as this make a lot of sense:
“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

For me, Love is a noun first, then a verb. :)

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skhajone May 18, 2010 at 10:35 PM  

No doubts whatsoever :)

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